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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
We are exporting best-in-class products such as SS Flanges, Motor Covers, Aluminium Textile Parts, and others.
Shekina Metal Works is a well-known supplier of a wide range of products such as SS Flanges, Light Fittings, SS Mixing Bowls, Pharmaceutical Packing Lids, Aluminium Spun Parts, Motor Covers, Aluminium Textile Parts, etc. These are demanded in various industries such as textile, automobile, engineering, and electronics.

Since 1985, we have been offering an extensive product range from our office located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We are exporting 50% of our total products to international markets, where the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom are our major export countries.

We are committed to utilizing the latest advancements in production technologies to improve our aptitude and deliver superior products. We embrace new technologies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement to have enhanced production capability. For production, we make use of metal spinning, flow forming, and deep drawing processes along with the best welding technology. Also, in the production, we use various metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, mild steel, brass, and specialty steel like Inconel, Monel, etc. We can do the manufacturing according to the drawing and designs provided by the customer.

Quality Assurance

We have ISO 9001:2015 certificate for our excellent quality assurance system in the company. According to this system, inspections are carried out on the sourced material for ensuring their conformity with our quality standards. Further, the manufacturing, designing, and other stages are supervised by quality auditors with the aim of removing inferior quality products. The finalized products are also tested on different parameters to ensure the sales of error-free products.

Industries We Serve

For many years, we have been serving a large number of industries with our products like Aluminium Spun Parts, Aluminium Textile Parts, Light Fittings, Motor Covers, Pharmaceutical Packing Lids, SS Flanges, SS Mixing Bowls, and others. These industries are mentioned below:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Fan Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Hardware Industry
  • Home Appliances Industry
  • Kitchen Industry
  • Light Industry
  • Music Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Textile Industry

Our Specialization

Since inception, we have developed a specialization in offering the best quality products by using the contemporary hydraulic spinning system and other technologies. Presently, our spinning capacity is in the length of 40 mm to 600 mm, diameter of 40 mm to 550 mm, and thickness of up to 3 mm. In these specific values, we are making products of various shapes such as round, oval, radius, square, cylindrical, conical, and taper. Further, we specialize in handling materials like Aluminum, Brass, Copper, CRS, HRS, Inconel alloys, MS, and SS. We have a production capacity of 75 tonnes per month for all these specifications.

We also have comprehensive technical knowledge of the processes of metal spinning, deep drawing, and welding. By using these processes, we are carrying out the design and development of the following products:

  • BS VI exhaust components such as Body Mufflers, DOC shells, DPF Shells, etc.
  • Exhaust assembly parts that conform to BS-6
  • Flow forming, reducing, and enlarging of tubes, formed ends
  • Fuel cell components
  • Inner Catalyst Guide, Duct Burner, Top Dishes
  • Long cones, short cones, beaded pipes, flared pipes
  • Metal spinning components
  • Non-visible of welding marks on the surface of the sheet metal
  • Rings, dishes and dished ends, V-Clamps, U Clamps, etc.
  • Round, conical, tapered, radius spinning parts
  • Sheet metal components
  • Shield covers, buckets, shells, hydrolysis pipes, inlet pipes
  • Watering cans, top covers, cone hoppers & funnels

Our Facilities

For the qualitative and quantitative production of SS Mixing Bowls, Pharmaceutical Packing Lids, Light Fittings, Aluminium Spun Parts, and other products, we have established a number of modern facilities. We have three main facilities including, pressing section, tool room, and new product development (NPD). In the pressing section, flat sheet metals (coil or blank form) are placed on the stamping press, where the metal is formed into the shape by a die and other tools. In the tool room, precision equipment are installed for carrying out custom prototype machining. Here, operation, repair, and production processes are done. In the New Product Development (NPD), the processes of idea generation, and concept creation are mainly carried out. We also have other facilities, where the following processes are implemented:

  • Grinding: It is a type of machining process that is intended for removing the materials from a workpiece by using a grinding wheel. With the turning of the grinding wheel, the material is cut off the workpiece thereby creating a smooth texture on its surface.
  • Machining: In this process, the cutting tools, discs, abrasive wheels, and other products are used for removing additional material present in a workpiece.
  • CNC Bending: This process is used for reshaping sheet metal from flat material. This process allows the production of nearly all component designs.
  • Surface finishing: It involves many processes for removing the materials from the work surface. These processes are polishing, honing, grinding, buffing, and super finishing.
  • Shearing: It is a process used to slice through sheet metal with a blade affixed to a tool or machine.
  • Testing: The process is for finding errors in the products through different procedures.
  • Laser cutting: This is a thermal process wherein a material present in a localized area is melted by using a focused laser beam. The molten material is ejected by using a co-axial gas jet.
  • Electro polishing: It involves dissolving thin layers of metal ions into electrolyte solutions using electric current.
  • Spinning: It is used for making an axis-symmetric hollow shape by using lateral pressure which is acquired from a forming tool. This pressure is applied to a circular blank that is moving quickly.
  • Heat treatment: Done in a foundry, this process requires the use of specialized ovens and furnaces. As a result of this process, the alloy is delivered to the aircraft manufacturer in its final form.
  • Buffing: It is a process that removes the small layer of dull paint, minor orange peels, ridges, or bumps that are created because of over-spray, oxidation, etc.
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